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    I am running BackupBuddyVFS Professional Version 3.07 on my Treo650 and when I create the 11th checkpoint, I cannot see that checkpoint in the checkpoint list. Also, there is no scroll bar on the right of the checkpoint list. How can I see the 11th checkpoint in case I have to restore? Does the application only support 10 checkpoints?
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    Same problem. The 11th check point seems to be there because if I do a checkpoint again I'm told that the name is being used. If you delete an earlier checkpoint, the name stays but but size goes to 0. I'd not like to resort to BoeingPilot's filez solution, particularly as he/she references the 600 and not the 650. I've written to BlueNomad about this, just today.
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    OK, this seems to work: rename current backup folder on the SD card to backup-current-date (for example). There is no backup file then and BBVFS will report that there are no checkpoints. Then do a back up with BBVFS to the card. Then make a check point. Then to another backup. If you really want a very old check point, then rename the current backup folder temp and rename the one you renamed backup-current date back to back up. Etc.
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