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    Last Thursday my 650 started not recognizing my SD card. If I put the card in, the Card Info app shows that it's there but has no size. Sometimes with some combination of resets, battery removal and card removal I can get it to come back. I've tried a different card and get the same results. When it's not working, I can format the card and that always gets it back, but then I need to restore the data to the card. Any ideas?

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    More Info:

    If I try to run an application on the card I get:
    "The volume reference number is invalid"

    This is a Cingular branded 650 running 1.21 unlocked firmware.

    I guess the next thing I'll try is reverting to the original Cingular firmware.
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    did you try saving your card to your computer and then reformatting the card and seeing if it recognizes it then? If it does, then try putting everything back on your card? just an idea.
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    If I reformat, the card will work for a bit, just like if I play the soft reset/battery removal game. I think it keeps working until it soft resets again but I'm not sure.
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    maybe your card is bad. What kind of sd card do you have?
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    I have the same problem with my SD 1GB Extreme III and my 128MB PalmOne freebie. Both read fine in a media reader. I've found that it always comes back if I do a warm reset. I think this weekend I'll try a hard reset and re-install of my applications. Hopefully that'll clear it up.

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