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    I need some help recovering from lost data. I gave my wife my Treo 600 when I upgraded to the 650. While I was on a busniess trip she somehow lost all of the data on the Treo so I told her how to restore it on a hotsync. Well, that didn't go well because apparently it got synced up with a user "Test", which had not personal data. Her Entourage calendar wound up getting synched with the empty calendar in user "Test".

    I've since managed to get her regular user, apps and address book back but no calendar and a backup of her system is too old to be very useful. I noticed in the Palm/Users/Username there's an Entourage Data folder with Entourage Storage. Would this contain Entourage calendar info and is there someway to get it synched back with the Treo. I'm thinking at this point its hopeless as the Entourage calendar is empty and if I set the conduit have Entourage Calendar overwrite the Palm I will get nothing again.

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    Did you backup you mac at any time? If so you have a copy of your entourage file there. If not, does your wife log in under a different user name? If so you can ckeck to see if your old profile still exists. If it is you can open this file and have it sync with your treo.

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