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    is the 1xrtt connection fast enough to control a home PC running windows xp from a treo 650? if so, what program do you all recommend??
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    If you don't need to do something really intense and fancy, PalmVNC does the job. e.g. I use it sometimes to shutdown my XP box which is in an other room.

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    interesting... but do i compromise the security on my home pc at all by doing this?

    and i'm also wondering what i'd actually use it for. hmmm.
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    Anytime you expose a service out on the internet you run some risk. To my knowledge I've never had a machine compromised by vnc. I don't recall hearing any earthshattering vulnerabilities announced for it lately either.

    I use palmvnc via a vpn connection to control some windows servers here at work when I'm out and can't get to a computer. It's not a speed demon, but it is useable enough.
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    To clarify... I actually use PalmVNC over a bluetooth connection to my XP. I don't like to make my XP box accessible directly over DSL either. It's sitting behind a NATing router, not bullet-proof, but much better than a sitting duck!

    - Sid
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