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    Hi all,

    My first Treo--an unlocked 650 I was using on Tmo--was stolen, so I'm now faced with buying another one. I'd prefer to stick with Tmo--have been happy with their service--but the Cingular-branded model is much cheaper, needless to say.

    I recall reading lots of nightmare stories about Cingular a few months back. At this point, what are the costs for going Cingular vs. Unlocked? Anyone have a feel for which is offering the better services, prices, overall experience? Any feedback that can help me in my choice is appreciated...

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    The first thing to keep in mind is that to get the cheap price from Cingular you need to commit to a two year contract. If you're already under contract with T-Mobile or you don't want to go with Cingular, then you'll need to get the unlocked one.

    Otherwise there is not much difference. You can install the new beta unlocked GSM firmware on a Cingular phone to remove all of Cingular's customizations and you should be able to get Cingular to give you the code to unlock your phone. After all that you'll essentially have an unlocked phone that says cingular on the front.


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