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    Quote Originally Posted by greendrinks
    For all the reasons already mentioned Ptunes is far and away better. However I still use Realplayer in order to sync MP3s with my PC. Realplayer on Windows has a sync feature which can reencode MP3s down to, say, 112kps, and seamlessly transfer the resized files to the Treo. This effectively about doubles the number of MP3s I can store on my SD card (most of my "raw" MP3s are at 192kbps). I then use Ptunes for ordinary use.
    i am pretty sure windows media player will do this too. i dont have my cable to try it, but the settings are there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcyphermd
    Just got VZ 650 and I have ptunes from my 600. Is there an advantage of realplayer or ptunes?

    Stick with ptunes. I hope the 700p would include ptunes instead of real player.
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