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    Not all the files got copied to the treo650 during my install sync.

    now the 650 just recycles endlessly trying to install firmware w/ missing pieces.

    Is there a way to reload the firmware off the SD card?
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    Yes. Er, maybe. But first, are you sure you need the firmware? Were you trying to do a firmware upgrade when the problem occurred? You say "install sync." Do you mean the initial setup sync, when you're first setting up the Treo? If so, this has nothing to do with the firmware. Just do a hard reset (it's in the manual), and start over with the install.

    If you weren't specifically doing the ROM upgrade when the problem began, or don't understand the difference between a sync and a firmware upgrade, don't even read the next paragraph.

    If you really did get hung up while doing a firmware upgrade, check out What flavor of 650 do you have (Sprint, GSM, Verizon)? The Sprint ROMs are available for download there, with instructions on how to update the ROM from an SD card. I think there may be versions for the GSM phones, too. I doubt there's anything for the Verizon phone yet.

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    Zeroing Out the unit fixed it all.

    Thank you!

    up, power, hotsync button on cradle, then push reset. - wiped it all back to scratch

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