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    Softic Card Export is a wonder piece of software. However, Win 2000 is pain when you try to disconnect. If I click on disconnect in Card Export I get a warning message in Win 2000 that I should first unplug the USB drive. So I have to go through the "Unplug or Eject Hardware" wizard. Is there any utility for Win 2000 that goes around this stupid wizard just like Win XP?


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    why not have win2k just display the unplug / eject hardware icon in the system tray when a device is plugged in? softick works great for me. hit connect on the treo, a drive letter pops up and the unplug / eject hardware icon pops up in the system tray. when I'm done, I single click on the unplug / eject icon to stop the device. hit ok and disconnect on the treo and you're done.
    -- berto
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    It's not a stupid wizard. Windows 2000 may not flush data from the cache for removable disks, so if you physically disconnect your device suddenly, you may lose data or at worst corrupt your removable disk.

    Microsoft has a patch for Windows 2000 to give it more XP-like behavior (but I haven't tried it):;en-us;328504

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