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    As always, I appologize for these simple questions.. I'm still learning this device one day at a time with my busy schedule..

    1) I have somehow managed to completely fill the devices memory.. I was taking a movie and didn't realize it was almost full.. Now, I can't access any of the devices applications.. It always says the memory is full and there isn't enough to start the app, free up some room.. After clicking OK on the error menus, it reboots.. I'm in a constant cycle.. How can I move this data to my card?

    2) How can I get the 650 to save the pics/movies directly on my 1G SDRam card, so I don't run into this problem again?

    3) Can I just take the card out and put it in my computer to transfer the pics/movies, or do I HAVE to hotsync..? I've had the device for months now, and never performed a hotsync..

    4) When people call me from other numbers, how can I just add that number to an existing contact? In fact, how can I edit contacts at all? Extrememly agrivating..

    5) What is the shortcut on the device for this symbol " :menu: " ? When I need to delete many items at once, I can't seem to select them all, only one at a time.. I don't see this on the keyboard, am I missing something?

    Sorry for the simple questions..

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    1) try doing a warm reset (hold the up arrow and it will start the phone while not running any programs - like safe mode on a computer) and delete some used space.

    2) I think you can go to the pics & videos and click on the little card icon in the upper right hand corner. Make sure it is set on this and I think it will save directly to the card.

    3) you can if you have a card reader ($10-$20), very worth it if you don't have one already; much faster than hot syncing.

    4) this is, IMO, a major setback of the treo. there may be 3rd party software, but I don't think the treo's software allows this. To edit an existing contact, click on the name of the contact in the contact logand then hit edit.

    5) opt-Q, alt key, scroll down to the symbol and hit the space key.
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    for (5), hit th menu button (dropdown button) and then the letter that applies and it will do the shortcut.
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    2) You can use matthew's trick to save pics directly to the SD card; not so sure about movies tho
    3) you can buy softtick's Card Export II which will turn your SD card into a USB drive - not as fast as a hardware card reader, but darn convenient!

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