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    This is for a friend of mine, I currently have a sprint treo 650. This weekend a friend of mine fell in love with my treo, but only wants to use it as a data device no phone plan. Does anyone know if any carriers support using the treo 650 just for wireless data and text messaging (this is very important to him). He loves his cell phone and just wants the treo 650 as a laptop replacement. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks for any info.
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    TMobile will let you get just a data plan, but you need to purchase an unlocked device.
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    so should I tell him to just get an unlocked 650, and would he just call tmobile to get a data plan for it? thanks.
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    I just checked tmobiles site, and it looks like you can't just have a data plan. Does anyone know if this can in fact be done, have a treo 650 with just a data plan?
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    If your buddy just wants a data device, he should check out the Tungsten W. He can probably pick one up for cheap on E-bay. I had one...worked great.
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    Cingular definitely lets you get a data only plan, but it will be $44.99. You can't get the cheaper Cingular data plan with no voice and the $39.99 plan is $5 more without a voice plan.

    I don't think anyone will let you do text messages without a voice plan, though, because you need a phone number for that.

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    based on data above, it would be cheaper to get a sprint unit, the lowest cost plan and vision. THis would be about $30 a month, and he would have "free" minutes if he wanted them.
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    Sprint's cheapest voice plan, plus Vision, totals to $50 a month.
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    TMobile definitely has a data-only plan, which a number of people use for the Sidekick. It's $30 a month and it gives you a phone number. It doesn't include any voice minutes but you can use it for voice for around 20 cents a minute. I'm not aware of any reason it wouldn't work on an unlocked GSM Treo.
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    I agree with John. T-Mobile has a data plan available for 29.99 a month, without any voice minutes. If your friend should decide to use voice, it is .20c per minute. If I recall, the data plan also includes a couple hundred free text messages. I used T-mobiles data only plan when I had a blackberry. I read up on the Treo and decided I wanted one. Since T-Mobile only carries the 600 I left them and bought a Treo 650 from Verizon. I know you can purchase a Treo-650 and convert it for T-mobile service, but I don't know the specifics. A search on this forum will definatley pull up the answer.

    Good Luck!
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    Cingular has PDA Data Connect plans that start at $19.99 for 5MB. You can get these without a voice plan.

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