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    All of a sudden when I try to log into a web site like mapquest, I get a "Not enough file space error message". I have a 1GB SD card and have my tunes, pictures and most apps on the card with shortcuts to the apps on the launch desktop. These are the top files in size:
    • AvantGo 957 k file type is appl
    • ActNames 918 k file type is appl
    • SEVEN 909 k file type is appl
    • Blazer Cache 749 k file type is cach
    • WordView+ 738 k file type is appl
    • Pocket Tunes 607 k file type is appl
    • SheetToGo 577 k file type is appl
    Can anyone offer any advice as to which files can be adjusted or moved so I don't have to just start deleting things so that I can actually get on the web again? I'm not real sure what any of these files actually do. I use AvantGo, I use the beta version of SEVEN (in lieu of Business Connection), I use Agendus Pro for my Contacts and calendar and I have DocsToGo but haven't used it very offen.

    Thanks for you help,
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    Sounds like your mail client has filled up your space. Using FileProg or FileZ or other file manager, delete the file Email_librxxx (xxx=whatever extension if any on the filename). Set up your email again. Once you are sure it's working copy that same file (which will have been recreated when you set up your email) to your SD card. When the file gets too big, just delete and copy back the file you saved on your SD card.
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    The only Email_libr file is named

    Email_libr_HsMp_BCD2DC4B and is only 18234 b, 39 recs

    Isn't this a pretty small file or am I missing something?

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    That's the correct file; looks as though that's not the problem. Next, how big is your Blazer cache? You can go in and empty it. It's worth a shot.
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    Email_libr_HsMp_BCD2DC4B and is only 18234 b, 39 recs

    hmm if I'm reading that right... that's 18 megabytes.. they dropped a k on kb
    each thousand kb is one megabyte..

    look in your email for attachments.. and move/save them to the SD card.

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