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    I'm currently running Mapopolis with my Holux bluetooth GPS purchased from Ebay for around $90 (S/H included). Mapopolis doesn't quite do the job routing from state to state or even counties. I noticed when Mapopolis did a search (usually within 50 mile range), it created a temp file and this caused problem when I only had less than 10M left. The temp file was bigger than 10M and it caused the system to do a reset. I had to delete this file to get it working properly. I upgraded my firmware to 1.23 and now I have 20M free. It's definitely a must upgrade for me not to mention less resets and DUN enabled.

    I'm thinking about buying TomTom Navigator. The maps seem to be better than Mapopolis but I'm not sure if they are as small as Mapopolis. I'd like to hear more reviews from TomTom users before purchasing this software. Also if you have been using Mapopolis, I also want to hear your experiences regarding features, problems and solutions.
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    I use TomTom and love it. I am anxiously awaiting the upgrade that is due out anytime now. If you want more info, check out the Bluetooth discussion category. Try this trhead for starters
    From what I've read TomTom seems to be the better choice.
    Good luck.
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    hey does the tom tom program announce street names? so does it tell you to turn right on main street in xxx feet? etc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by islandsnow
    hey does the tom tom program announce street names? so does it tell you to turn right on main street in xxx feet? etc?
    No..instead you will here something like "Right turn in 50 meters" or feet depending on your options
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    I have had Mapopolis for my Treo 600 for about 6 months now. I bought the software and the "mouse gps" reciever for under $200 with every map in the US.

    I started in a new sales territorry and would have never survived without it.

    What I like:

    -Low Price
    -Works with my Treo 600
    -Prounounces the street name (don't have to look down to make sure you are turning onto the correct street)
    -Integrates with my address book to search for addresses and saved GPS coordinates
    -Estimated time of arrival is *impeccable*

    What I dislike:

    -No 5-Way navigation support
    -Have to have a lot of space on your Treo
    -If you have hacks on your Treo, it will crash guaranteed
    -You have to have the maps for each county loaded on the card or on the unit or you are out of luck
    -Maps are hard to read
    -Screen is small
    -Hard to make a call while using the GPS
    -Interface to select destination isn't easy to use

    Overall rating: 7.8 out of 10 (would be lower, but the price is right)

    I would also like to hear about the TomTom and how it comares to Mapopolis with the Treo 600.



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