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    Does the Verizon (CDMA) Treo 650 suffer from the same low volume issues as the Cingular (GSM) 650?

    I'm on my third one and I'm still having issues with the volume. I tries the 1.23 update with no improvement.

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    there is no way you can compare a cdma to a gsm, vice versa
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolwol
    there is no way you can compare a cdma to a gsm, vice versa
    I can return my cingular and pick up a verizon. I have accounts with both. I was just curious if anyone has exeprience with both. Is the volume better on the cdma version?
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    never used the cingular version, but i'm disappointed with the sound quality on my verizon treo 650. sounds it a bit "sharp/electronic" sounding and not as clear as my v710 used to be at all. speakerphone is ok if you are in quiet environment, but if you turn of volume it starts to crack.
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    in the Magazine write-up, it was mentioned that there is a 12 db gain over the Sprint Version...
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    There is a new verizon treo 650 thread in general chat forum
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    You can see PC Rag's side by side review here:

    Says the Verizon's phone is the best of the three but they give Editor's Choice to the Cingular model because "unlike its Sprint and Cingular siblings, it doesn't make the most of its carrier's data network, and, what's more, it overcharges for the existing one".
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    It says the 12db gain is for the speakerphone, does not say anything about the headset.

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