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    I'm a "former AT&T" Cingular subscriber. Recently I bought the L-shaped audio adapter to listen to Audible content on a plane flight. It worked pretty well, but now the phone will *only* work with a headset in place. The Treo always thinks that there's an adapter plugged in. The only way that I can make a phone call is use it as a speaker phone.

    Now is where it gets interesting. Because I've had the phone less than 30 days, I can return it to Cingular under they "Buyer's remorse" policy. I can't, however, get a new one, because AT&T wireless doesn't have any. Cingular does, but the fact that I'm a "former AT&T wireless" customer means that I can't get one of those without switching to Cingular and getting new plans and paying them $18 (a line? I'm not sure).

    Any thoughts on a good way through this maze?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevinmil
    Any thoughts on a good way through this maze?
    You could contact Palm and see if they have any that are compatible. Or you could ask Cingular to send you one and unlock it for you. You would have to be a pretty smooth talker to get them to do that I imagine.
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    I've had to replace my AT&T Treo twice now. The second failure was similar in some respects to yours - it was a failure in the headphone socket. In both cases, Palm did the exchange without any problem - unless you consider a $25 "shipping and handling" fee to be a problem. These sockets seem to be quite fragile.

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