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    Is there any way to configure an Exchange ActiveSync account and *ONLY* sync e-mail?

    I don't want to sync the calendar or todo lists (or anything else) since I already sync with the calendar on my Mac.

    I can't seem to find an option. It seems to be an all-or-nothing thing.
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    Chatter syncs email only via and IMAP port on Exchange - - you get a 30day trial as well.
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    Versamail is not the best mail program at all. Unfortunately, I don't believe that there is a way to only do email and not the calendar with activesync. If you have POP or even better, IMAP access to your Exchange server you can do email only in Versamail that way. I also would second Chatteremail ( as the best email program for the Treo.

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    I am not sure that the server has IMAP access. I know it does not have POP.

    Any other options?
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    If you are using ActiveExchange, it's likely that there isn't access via IMAP.

    I don't believe there is any way to just sync email.

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    Thanks anyway. I appreciate the replies.
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    You could use Outlook Mobile Access (another service of Exchange 2003, needs to be turned on by IT). That would give you full access to your email through your Treo's web browser, without syncing anything to the Treo. However, you would only be able to see your email when on-line.
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    Thanks ....

    This is at a university that I teach at. I have less than 0 % hope of getting any configuration changes made to the Exchange server.

    (At least I'm becoming educated on the topic!)
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    ActiveSync and OMA are closely related services; if ActiveSync is enabled on your Exchange server it's entirely posssible that OMA is too. Try browsing on your Treo to
    https://[exchangeserver name]/oma/
    and see what you get!
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    Wow ... this looks like it worked!

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Actually, it didn't work. I keep getting "a system error had occurred" shortly after it asks me for my credentials. :-(
    Oh well.

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