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    I know there are many out there, but I was hoping to get your opinion on the best backup utility. I'm looking for something that can TOTALLY backup/image my Treo 650. So if I lose my phone and get a replacement I can "re-image" the new phone and have it be exactly like my old phone. Are there any ultilities that support these features? What do you guys do to back up (software, settings, data, email, etc.)?
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    It's the only way to fly. Simple and reliable.
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    Just download the trial version of each backup program and play with them for a bit. I did that and went with Botzam Backup.
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    i just went to the PalmOne store and purchased the mobile backup card. But for the 650, you will have to download the UPDATE!
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    i dont know what botzman is talking about but

    1. You can schedule
    2. You can select individual files to restore...
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    Does it backup everything? Meaning does it image the whole phone?
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    What I meant by image is a backup of everything including settings to ring tones. Thanks again everybody.
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    from my understanding, whatever is on the Treo itself (not the SD card of course) will be backed up. This includes settings for programs running off of the SD card with PowerRUN or ZLauncher

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