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    Ok I purchased my treo 650 and when setting up my Treo to retrieve my voicemail it asked me to enter a phone number to dial.

    I entered my own cell number and when I press and hold down the "1" key it will dial my number which I hear my own voice. At this point I hit "*" and then enter my password.

    The problem is that this is a 2 step process that should be done in one step.

    I should have entered a number that my service provider gave me.

    I did get this number and Cingular and Palm One's customer service have been giving me the run around.

    The users manual says to tap my phone Icon.
    Highlight the voicemail option on the bottom of my screen and then hit my menu options button.
    Then I am to select "Edit Favorites Button"

    This will only allow me to change the ringtone and nothing else.

    It won't let me edit the phone number for setup.

    Can anyone help me on how to get this done?
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    Did you highlight the favrourites b u t t o n that says "Voicemail"? If you then select "Edit favourites button" a screen should pop up where yu can edit the number.
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    If you're with Cingular you can't edit your voicemail number. You can either move that favorite button out of the way and create a new one or have Cingular reset it. I had to have Cingular reset mine because your personal cell number no longer works to access voicemail. Just tell the CS to reset it, I don't know why they would be giving you a hard time over something they have available on the automated menu... figures
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    I just accepted the issue or I have to hard reset and start all over.
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    Create a new favourites button instead! Create a new contact for your voice mail number. Go back to the phone application and choose "Edit Favourite Pages" and simply add the new contact with your voice mail number to a favourites button. Change the label to Voice Mail, move the old one to the last page (at least it's out of sight there...).

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