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    On my Sprint 650 I set the "Pics and Video" app to save pictures and movies to the SD card by selecting the card in the upper right corner. For a while after setting this, pictures and movies are saved to the SD card and "Pics and Video" continues showing the SD card as being selected. But somehow it keeps getting reset back to saving media to internal RAM, and "Pics and Video" reverts to showing the internal icon selected. Anybody else experiencing this, or better yet, figured out how to always save pictures and movies to the SD card? A soft reset alone doesn't change the setting, but I can't figure out what causes the switch back to saving to Internal. Thanks for any tips
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    Bump...So for those of you who save your pictures to the SD card, does your Treo ever reset to saving pictures to internal RAM? Or does your Treo save it's pics to the SD card consistently? Thanks for responding
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    I have similar problems with my Treo 650. It does INCONSISTENTLY reset itself back to storing to internal memory. And I have no idea what triggers it.
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    I always thought that the "save to sd" setting was only sticky until the next soft reset, but I just ran a few tests on my Sprint 650, and it sems to be consistently sticking to "save to sd" - at least for the still camera. I have a feeling the still camera and the video have separate "save to" settings/defaults. Would that explain the wierdness you are seeing?
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    I have the same problem, somewhere I read that it may be related to ejecting the card, but it seems to happen more frequently then I eject my card.
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    Well, it's somewhat consoling to know others are having this problem, too. To answer your questions, it doesn't seem like there could be separate "save to" settings for both the camera and video, because there is only one Pics and Video application for both the pictures and camcorder functions that you can set it to save to SD. I have found that the program Splashphoto has a camera function that does always save to the SD card, but it takes several clicks to set it up to take a picture and I like to map the camera to an easily accessible hard button for quick pictures and you can't set SplashPhoto to open directly to the camera.

    As far as whether ejecting the card disrupts your setting, I almost never remove my card and this setting definitely switches even without removing the card.

    I wonder if anyone is able to set their Treo to save to SD and the setting is always remembered? It would have to be someone who takes pictures frequent enough that they would have noticed it if this setting had changed. If there was anyone with this ability, maybe we could determine what it is that is unique to our Treos that causes our Treos to switch back to saving median to the internal RAM. Because this setting will stick for a while, though, it's going to be difficult to troubleshoot what the cause is.

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