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    I have a 650 with a cracked screen. The PalmOne site says this can be fixed for a fee. Calls to Palmone are referred to Sprint. Sprint says they only exchange if under warranty. Anyone have some actual experience with replacing a cracked screen? Who did the repair? What was the cost?
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    Where does it say it can be fixed for free?
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    [ Treo 650 on Sprint ]
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    Fix for a FEE...
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    Unless you have some sort of replacement policy for a broken screen or the sprint insurance, there's not much you can do. A friend of mine broke his screen twice, and the only way to repair it, was to use the insurance he had gotten from CompUSA. You get a new phone, and you have to buy another insurance policy (150 bucks). If you dont' have a policy such as this, but had a friend who did, you could swap screens with him, and have that friend have his phone (now with the broken screen) replaced, and then pay for his new insurance policy.
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    I was told by my local Sprint store that a broken screen is not repairable. That was back in December though when they'd only been out for a month.

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