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    Nnnnope... I restored just the 8 NexChange* files from my backup (1.5a), leaving the purchase plugs unavailable. It still crashed after sync. Quick sync said there were two items and then it tried syncing three. Seemed to restart when the progress bar showed it was done with two of them. Hmm... Is there a way to just drop the prc down and have it think it's the first time it's ever run?

    Still haven't retried 1.5b, as I have had far too many resets today. :-)
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    Oh, and by the way... I still don't get email notifications from the Helpdesk. Is anyone who's using it get them?? Is it just me?
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    Hey Bill, i dont think the firmware upgrade is the issue. We had just suddenly started to have issues with the licensing module and i dont know why. Try totally removing the licensemgr and trying again.
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    hey all, David here from Nextworks. Sorry i havent been posting, we have totally burried ourselves in development with great results. Here is Nexchange Corporate Lite 1.5c. It sync's, very reliably, all of your calendar, contacts, notes and tasts with and Exchange 2000 or 2003 server. I have seen your comments and I just want you to konw where we are going with this.

    Our v.2 of Nexchange will not only sync all of the data stores, it will also sync per user selection, all subfolders of all data stores, the GAL and all public folders and subfolders. But for now, here is 1.5c...

    I will get the helpdesk back up in the next couple of days, we got hit by that hurricane and it really rocked our datacenter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtdionne
    hey all, David here from Nextworks. But for now, here is 1.5c...

    This is the message I get when I try to access that link:
    The page cannot be found
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    shenor, damn...sorry about that, its fixed
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    Can this replace activesync? I am assuming that in addition to syncing my memos, tasks, calendar and contacts and syncs my e-mail as well right? Can I use my OWA access like I do with Activesync?
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    yes, this totally replaces activesync. Nexchange comes in three flavours:
    1) Corp Lite - calendar, contacts, notes and tasks
    2) Nexmail - email
    3) Pro - all of them

    Corp lite is done and you can download the latest beta in the above post. email is almost ready and i hope to post a beta tonight.

    BE SURE TO TRY THEM!!!! and call me if you have any questions...david - 256-468-6398
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    I really need the pro version since with activesync I have the e-mail which is critical. Any idea when you will have this ready? This app sounds like a BB killer!!
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    Is Nexmail available as a download? I could not find it on your site.
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    hey txschafers, our app does not use activesync and nexmail isnt quite ready yet...but we are working very hard on it right now.
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    Can I leave activesync running on my Treo 650 and still run Nexchange Lite or should I remove the activesync account first?
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    they can co-exsist although activesync will reboot your device pretty least ours do...on all 5 of our 650's
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    ok....I am curious...when this is fully rolled out will I be able to not only check, respond and create e-mail but accept calendar events? Will I also be able to create calendar events and invite people to those events? If you cannot tell I am pretty excited about this app since I HATED the interface on my BB and you seem to be offering the BB functionality for my Treo.
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    I loaded 1.5C on my Treo and entered all my info but could never sync. It just sat there after it connected and the progress bar moved about 1/4 of the way and never moved again. Also I noticed when I load this app my power buttons have to be pushed several times to get the phone to come on. This was proably do to alot of churn going on with the program but thought I would mention it.
    I think I will wait for a more stable version but if you have any idea on why this was happening I would be willing to give it another try. As I said I REALLY want this to work!!!
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    That symptom sounds like a misconfiguration. Most important here are to be sure that the "Infostore" and "OWA folder" values are correct.

    Although Infostore is usually your userid, it may also be the part of your email address before the @. In my case my user is btaroli and my infostore had to be changed to bill.taroli to match my email address.

    OWA folder is usually "exchange", but might be different in your configuration. I think it's supposed to match the part of the OWA URI after the hostname: https://<host>/exchange/ (for "exchange")
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    Do I need to load 1.5a first or can I just load 1.5c and try from there? I loaded 1.5a and got nowhere.
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    hey txschafers, you can just load 1.5c and in fact thats the best thing to do...and be sure to stop by the helpdesk at , register and open a ticket if you need help.

    the main reason people have trouble initially is because they put the "http://" or "https://" in the hostname field when all you should put his the fqdn...for example our owa url is and all i put in the hostname is .

    another popular reason for initial difficulty happens when your username differs from your email address "name". for username is david but my email address is In this case, i have to go into the advanced preferences of nexchange or nexmail and change the infostore from david to dtdionne.

    and yet another popular reason happens when your exchange environment uses different exchange virtual http server names...for example, our company nextworks has 3 different divisions named Enterprise, SoHo and Federal. As the IT manager I set each one of these divisions up with their own exchange http virtual server. So this means that the Enterprise employees owa url is , and the SoHo's is and the Federal's is This mean that our employees need to go into the advanced preferences of nexchange or nexmail and input the appropriate OWA folder for their division which would be either enterprise, soho, or federal.

    Hope this helps and please DO NOT hesitate to contact me for assistance...i really do love to hear from people that think enough about our little application to give it a shot.
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    The Infostroe was the issue. It seems to be synching now doing a full sync. On the 1.5c there is no license manager. Is that an issue if I decide to buy this software? I really need this and e-mail though.
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    GREAT!! I am so glad to hear its working for you.

    On the comments earlier. NexChange will be able to do everything you mentioned and MUCH more...although most of the killer features are going to be in v.2 of nexchange which has its release date directly correlated to sales of v.1 which should be officially released this week.

    In addition to supporing all of what you mentioned about the cool aspects of calendering and appointment handeling, nexchange v.2 will also support, based on user selection, ALL subfolders of ALL datastores, the Global Address List, and, once again based on user selection, ALL public folders and it will be TRUE PUSH for all datastores....How great is that!!! all of these features WITHOUT ever touching the datacenter, requiring any middleware, or requiring any type of clumsy desktop redirectors!!! oops, sorry, i just get really excited when i think about everything we can and will do with this.

    Now as far as nexmail is concerned, it is so close...i was working with it last night and it was great until midinight which exposed a TZ/DST (time zone/ daylight savings time)issue...and then i tried to delete a bunch of emails from the device and that exposed an issue with deletes. I am working on these right now....BUT if you want, you can download the lastest below and as long as you dont have autosycn enabled at midnight or try to delete items from the device you shold be fine and nexmail will work great for receiving, creating and replying to email...

    this version fixed:
    many datestamp issues
    the get function
    autosycn - you could actually try this cause it works great...theres a hidden setting, if you set the autsycn interval to 0 min, it will check your mail every 10 sec...its kinda neat and does not kill the batteryl
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