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    Ok so my Treo 300 hinge finally broke, so they sent me a 600..sweet. Got it today. The dang thing won't hotsync! Installed the new software over the old, and hit hotsync. Says it's trying to connect..and ends up failing. "The connection between your handheld computer and the desktop could not be established. Please check your setup and try again." Well, it's setup exactly the way it was with the 300, and the way it should be. It won't work. After installing the software and at the point it asks you to hotsync, and I do, Windows pops up a 'found new hardware' wizard and wants you to search for software and install..Why does it do this, is it supposed to, and does this have something to do with hotsync not working??
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    Uh, yeah, my guess is it does. When you say it is set up exactly as it was for the 300, my initial reaction is that you need to install the 600 software that probably came on a CD with the 600. If so, you may want to run this. Otherwise, let windows try to install it automatically & see what happens. But whatever you do, make a copy of the current backup file (e.g., copy and paste it to My Documents rename as 300 backup or something like that. Just in case something goes horribly wrong when the hotsync starts working.
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    I did install the 600 software, no point in re-installing the already installed 300 software.
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    Do EXACTLY what they say and you should be good. You may have to download the USB regestry from the Palm site if not using XP.

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    Must have been something wrong with the CD because after I downloaded the installation program off the net and installed now it works.

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