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    I have been doing a lot of research online and it appears the 910 is a more stable reliable phone. I like my 650 but the phone could be louder and the OS could be more stable. Anyone compared the phones side by side? I do like the EDGE of the 650. Not trying to start a war here just wondered if anyone has truly compared or had both?

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    Sony was horrible in supporting my 900. They constantly has bluetooth problems. ITheir support engineers were VERY indifferent to everyones problems. The phone was OK, but I would never buy another Sony phone after working with their overseas outsourced support engineers. So - I would not recommend the SE910 based on that experience.

    In contrast, I switched to the TREO and was pleasently surprised that an update to the BT stack was already released for it soon after the problems had been discovered.

    Oh yeah -- there was an update available for the BT circuit that the SE900 used from the OEM manufacturer but they said Sony had not purchased the update to give to its customers. Uggh!
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    if switching I'd wait for the P1000/Pxxxx which should be announced within a month or so
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    If the Sony 910 is not a Palm OS device, I have this question for you:

    Do you want a phone or a PDA?

    If you want the PDA portion of a "smartphone," you cannot beat the 1,000s of programs that have been written for the Palm OS.

    Besides -- you would miss us all at Treo Central !! You cannot find a better or more knowledgable user group than TREO USERS !!!

    Cheers, Perry
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    I went from the P910 to the Treo 650. The only thing the P910 had over the Treo was voice clarity on phone calls. Everything else Palm beats it hands down (even with the resets).
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    uh, treo 650 owned p910
    treo 650: on my hand nya nya nya!

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