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    Hey all, new T650 owner here. Just got my Verizon T650 and it is so choice. If you have the means, I do recommend you picking one up.

    Anyway, I am about to embark on the setup journey and I thought I'd ask:

    Since I am using Tiger, all iApps and iSync, is it even necessary to load Plam desktop software for any reason? ie.. do I need it to sync anything? Do I need it to install software? I assume I can BT the software over to the treo.

    Thanks for your help.

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    I am not using Tiger with my 650 but 10.9. With that you do have to install Palm Desktop. I don't use iSync but hotsync with entourage. I wonder if I could use both.
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    One thing I've noticed:

    MemoPad doesn't seem to sync ANYWHERE. (Even with Palm Desktop!)
    Also: Multimedia (Pics & Videos) only work if I sync "from device to mac" ... anything else causes Hotsync to crash. Not a big deal, but an annoyance.

    To solve the memopad problem I've begun to keep memos in Documents to go. (Preferable in many ways.)

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