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    Hey folks, I just thought I'd share my recent experience in purchasing a case from the Nutshell folks.

    After reading good things about the cases they made, I decided to drop the $50 and get one for myself. The 8 days it took to get from New Zealand to me seemed like forever, but it was well worth the wait.

    The cases are very high quality and they look professional in a handsome rugged sort of way. The belt clip is VERY strong, it usually goes on pretty easy, but you almost need two hands to pull it off a belt. The case itself is an A+ for sure.

    Nutshell case quality has been discussed before so I'm not going to go into too much detail on that (PM me if you have any questions, I love this thing so i have no problems helping someone else "find the light" so to speak). What I want to point out is what a great company they have evidenced themselves to be.

    I don't know when, but a TC member posted a review of one of these cases on PDAnet. In his review he spoke highly of the quality, but had concerns about a "bump" of leather that would be pushing on the screen. Well apparently the Nutshell folks saw that and decided it would just not do so they promptly amended their production practices to eliminate the bump. I also understand they sent the reviewer a new case with the updates (I don't know if he had to send the other one back or not, I bet they paid the shipping if he did).

    --EDIT-- Here is the link to JamesPaulRitter's review of the Nutshell (scroll down a bit to get to the Nutshell, I think he reviews 11 cases in that thread).

    So after reading this I decide I'm going to do it and I order one. I paid by Pay-Pal and as you may know they allow you to send a comment with the payment. In the comments I asked that it be made for certain that I was getting a case with the change to the pouch, I also used that space to tell them about how I read the story where they made the change and how refreshing it was to see a company react to a customer's needs and not just their complaints (the reviewer did not have to contact them, they just fixed it). It really makes the company more personable when you see them respond to you on message boards and the like.

    Anyway, I get my case and tear into it. When I look back into the envelope I see there is another, smaller piece of leather in there. I take out what turn out to be a simply (but well ) made business card holder. In the holder was one card from a fellow named Steve, the Director for Nutshell. Hand written on the card was a message saying "Thanks for the kind words, please accept this token of our gratitude". Now I know this was like $.02 to make so I'm not jumping up and down because of what I actually got, just that I actually got something. That means that someone actually cared enough about their customers to not only read what I wrote, but also take the time to write back letting me know it was appreciated. In a world where the bottom line usually takes precedence over customer care this was just extremely refreshing to me. I will never buy a case for a device from another company if the Nutshell folks make one for it, I'm going to look and see if they make iPod cases as well (if they don't, they should: hint, hint).

    So that's it. Go to , get a Nutshell, be happy. Oh and their slogan is "Tuff as nuts" how cool is that .

    Thanks again Steve and Nutshell.
    Customer for life (I'm easy aren't I?)
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    Nutshell is the best of the best! I have had 12 different cases come and go, wrote extensive reviews for all of them and determined IMHO Nutshell is King. Its it true what fry-man22 said they read my review, made the changes in a day or 2 and sent me out a free redesigned case right away!

    P.S. heres your Ipod case
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    There seems to be one with a pull over cover on the top and one without. If it doesn't have it doesn't the phone fall out when you bend down? Which do you folks recommend?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mleiser
    There seems to be one with a pull over cover on the top and one without. If it doesn't have it doesn't the phone fall out when you bend down? Which do you folks recommend?
    I have the case with the velcro fastener and although the fit is snug enough that the Treo won't just fall out, the fastener makes me feel more secure
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    You might as well get the Nutshell with the closer flap so its there if you need it. I keep mine tucked out of the way unless I'm involved in heavy activity.
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    I do have one major issue. It seems from some of the threads I've seen that the case doesn't allow you to feel when the phone is vibrating. I've always had my phones on vibrate mode - I never have it ring. Any solution?
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    I feel mine every time it rings and I too keep it on vibrate all the time - this has been a complete non-issue for me.....

    The case I have is horizontal with the belt loop.
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    You can feel them vibrate with the belt loop version but not with the belt clip version.
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    I have the belt clip version and as long as I'm not on my bike, I usually feel it vibrate.
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    Huh maybey it depends on the treo then because I'm a thin guy and even if the metal from the clip is sitting on my hip bone and I am standing still hearing the vibrate I still cannot feel it.
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    I may have been lucky and got one that has a good vibe. I have read several threads where people have said the vibration is weak.
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    google "treo 600 650 weak vibrate" and you get pages of ticked of users talking about the weak vibrate.
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    Is the vibration in the battery for the 650? Perhaps the lesser vibration is due to limited battery contact with the battery cover?
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    Sorry I dont understand the question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespaulritter
    Sorry I dont understand the question.
    If the vibration is the battery and there is no contact with the treo, perhaps the battery just vibrates and is isolated from the battery cover. That being the case, if you shimmed something between the two and the vibration is then carried to the cover, maybe it would be stronger and therefore easier to feel?
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    I have velcro between my battery and cover and the vibration is great.
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    This is getting quite confusing. I have the Treo 650. I need it on my belt with a clip. It sounds like there's no other holder to get than the nutshell. I ALWAYS use vibrate, never ringing. Those are all the definites. The confusing issue is whether you feel the vibrate or not. Being in a democracy can we take a vote? Should I order the nutshell or is there something better out there.
    I do a lot of bending down (I'm a volunteer paramedic and it could get hectic) and I don't want to lose the phone. Help me out here, please!
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    HuH? I thought the nutshell was very form fitting, so WHAT do you do with velcro?
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    I think its going to be 50/50 on whether you feel it vibrate or not. I tuck the velcro flab over the back of the clip so its between the clip and my hip. If it dosent work for you its only 10 bucks to ship it to you and 5 bucks to ship it back to new Zealand.
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    I'm in an office environment all day (meetings and such), and I drive with the windows down on the interstate most of the time on the commute home; I depend on the vibrate to let me know if an alert is coming in, call or email, as the audible alerts are inappropriate/ineffective at these times.

    I have Chatter set to vibrate twice on my GMail personal accounts and three times on my work email. And of course the ringer vibrates at different intervals depending on the tone selected. I say all this to say that in khakis and a belt I can tell if I'm getting a personal or work email or if I'm getting a call and respond accordingly. If anything I've noticed that I don't care about the ringer anymore as the case muffles it a bit (of course it's QUITE loud so I could crank it up a ways).

    To the guy asking about it being in the battery, I think manufactures used that method to add vibrate features to existing phones. I have never seen a phone that advertised a vibrate feature from the factory use the vibration built into the battery. It cuts down the battery element space and (in my experience) made it less effective. Iíve not had a problem with the 650 (maybe I got lucky, your mileage may vary).

    Anyway, I think the odds on the vibrate depend on what you wear most. I.E. JPR who seems to wear a lot of athletic stuff while getting calls, says it's hit and miss. I'm in a tucked in shirt and khakis when I use the device most, I think it's been bulletproof. Now that I think about it, I have been shooting a bit a ball in the driveway with the nutshell clipped on and didn't feel emails come through; the looseness of the shorts and movement have to affect the ability to feel the vibrate.

    BTW I really like the Velcro strap even though the Nutshell will hold the phone without it. I think it just gives the case a more finished look and makes it a bit more fitted.
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