Well...thank you folks for all your goods words and thoughts.

As JPR and FM22 correctly point out, we try to respond quickly when there's a need to make the product better.

We started out making these belt cases because we believed there was a need in the marketplace for a strong and protective belt case that is easy to use and does not interfere with the way you go about your day to day work.

That's why we offer both belt clip and a belt loop versions. It is also why, for the Treo, we offer open top pouch and tabtop models - you decide which case best meets your everyday needs.

Our case series fit many devices and it is a challenge to get the mix exactly right for every model PDA and Smartphone - although the designs share many similarities that transfer from one series to another.

With the feedback from online communities and folk like you we believe that our tuff-as-nuts products are well on their way to becoming the best they can be.

Thanks again...we appreciate your support.