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    Well, I went to the NYC Treo Roadshow today and learned a few things and saw a few things. The hit of the seminar for me was the Enfora Wi-Fi sled. The darn thing doesn't weigh anything. I asked twice if the prototype in my hand had batteries - it did. They now claim 5 hours of use time and shipments of the one for the 600 in early June and the one for the 650 in late June. The max speed is 11Mbps (limited by the Treo's throughput) and it's 80211b only.

    I asked about the upcoming GSM update. At first they didn't want to admit to one but I pointed out that one of their demo units clearly had 1.23 on it. At that point the guy from PalmOne lightened-up and more or less told me it would be "weeks" and not "months" - so my guess is some time in June.

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    Were there any special offers for attendees besides the previously mentioned discount for purchasing 5 or more units?

    Would you happen to have a list of the vendors that were on site today?

    I signed up for tomorrow's session in the Meadowlands, but I'm not convinced that it would be a good use of my time.
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    Buy 5 get two free is the only offer. For vendors there was Enfora,Credant,, DataViz, SureWave, Send Word Now and a few I'm sure I missed.

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    Thanks for the reply Norman!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pcboy70
    ...shipments of the one for the 600 in early June and the one for the 650 in late June.
    Interesting. That's ~1 month slip vs. what they told me two weeks ago at the May 5 Roadshow in Houston.

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