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    Three things:

    1. Lately, my Treo 650 will just 'hang' or 'freeze', usually when I goto Zlauncher from another app. It's weird...kinda like a screen-refresh problem on by one the icons reappear. I'm too impatient to wait, so I pop the battery. (I don't know what causes it...maybe it is Zlauncher...but I've already done one hard reset and reinstall from scratch to get zlauncher to work.)

    2. As far as the software/OS goes, what's the different between popping the battery with one hand, or having to use 2 hands (and some hand-eye coordination) to hit the reset? Both involve removing the battery cover, removing the battery is just easier and seems to do the same thing. Why include the reset hole?

    3. Does anyone here use a plain vanilla Treo 650? Meaning no installed 3rd party apps...none whatsoever. Does it still crash? Mine is pretty full of 3rd party apps: freeware, shareware, and commercial. It doesn't crash or 'freeze' that often, but it still does it. Reading other posts here, there are several others with the same problem.
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    You might want to check out this discussion about the NVFS memory cache.
    Also, Zlauncher has a tool you can put on the bottom panel that will allow you to do a soft reset without having to remove the back cover.
    This thread also has an interesting insight on the slowdown problem.
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    I know...I have the zlauncher toolbar function icon to reset...but I can't get to it...or anything else because the treo has stopped responding...

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