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    Just wondering if anyone in this forum is knowledgeable on how to do this. I upgraded my data plan to the Cingular's PDA Unlimited and wanted to log on using the isp.cingular protocol/gateway rather than WAP.CINGULARGPRS.COM.

    I'm unable to sign on to the internet using the isp.cingular specifications and was wondering if anyone currently uses this, or knows how I can activate it.

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    These are the settings that work for me:


    password: CINGULAR1

    apn: isp.cingular
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    oclv 990,
    Do you have the $40 plan?

    Camilomachado, if the settings that oclv posted don't work they you may need to call Cingular back and let them know. It's possible that when they switched data plans for you something didn't get set right.
    But try to create that network profile with those settings.
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    Yes I have the $40 PDA Unlimited plan and can use all 3 of Cingulars access points (wap, isp, and ispda). Although I don't see the difference in speed some people have reported.

    I agree with Taylorh that it could very easily be a setting that Cingular failed to change in your account. That has happened to me several times after making changes with Cingular customer service.
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    Well, I got it to work. I am using the ISPDA@CINGULARGPRS.COM setting. And I've gotten mixed results. Earlier, I went from 85kpbs to a sustained average of 130kps after the change kick-in.

    But here at home, it is absolutely crawling. Could be something with the network though as it wasn't this slow at home when I arrived at 7pm. It's definitely becoming a little disturbing to pay $40 for a data plan that right now isn't getting me better than 39kbps.

    I will monitor again later to see if speeds get back up to where they are supposed to be.

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