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    Hi everyone.. my new Vaja Candlelight case is arriving tomorrow morning. I have the cake and balloons ready... I was wondering though, because I can't stand the case with the flip cover, I will be needing something to slip the phone into to carry in my purse without scratching the screen. Anyone have a suggestion? I am considering making my own slip case if I can't find something. Thanks gang..

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    Hey Bekktek... great question. I'm leaning towards getting the Treokitz case (similar to Vaja's T65). I'm seemingly one of the few Treo users who doesn't mind the case+clip option and see myself wearing it on my hip the majority of the time and think that it will be kept quite safe (hopefully) with the raised and padded leather. While travelling via plane, however, I would like to cover it up a little more so that airplane belt buckles and the like don't scratch up the screen or so that it draws no attention. What I'm on the look-out for is a pouch/slip case that the Treokitz case (or, in your case, the Vaja) can be placed into. If you find out anything or if anyone has any ideas... pls post.

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