Hi, sorry for posting this again, the thread it originated on was quite long.

I need help configuring MovianVPN to connect with our Cisco VPN3000 concentrator.

I'm using MovianVPN for Tre650 v4.00 build 112.15p, just purchased it last night from Orlogix. Connection is to a Cisco VPN3000 configured with:

IPSec over UDP, Port 10000

Here's my Treo Config:

Policy: Cisco VPN Concentrator 3000
PFS - Off
Extended Auth - checked
IKE: Grp2_dh-1024 / 3des_cbc /MD5

I get to the userid/pwd prompt, enter my password, and about 10 seconds later it fails to establish the tunnel. Everything in the log shows good until this:

59982 05/13/2005 09:23:59.410 SEV=4 IKE/236 RPT=331
Group [*****] User [*****]
Invalid source proxy address:! Check private address on remote client.
59984 05/13/2005 09:23:59.410 SEV=4 IKEDBG/97 RPT=355
Group [****] User [*****]
QM FSM error (P2 struct &0xe8d1da4, mess id 0x8d093b6f)!

59986 05/13/2005 09:23:59.420 SEV=4 AUTH/28 RPT=9164
User [***] Group [****] disconnected:
Session Type: IPSec/NAT-T
Duration: 0:00:00
Bytes xmt: 0
Bytes rcv: 0
Reason: User Requested

Is this something with Cingular's proxy server? Anyone ever get this to work?