I have the Treo 650 and use the built in Calendar app to wake me up. So, if I have the alarm set at 8:00AM, I hit snooze and expect the alarm to come on again in 5 minutes because I have it set like that in preferences. After I over slept today by 45 mintues, I rolled over and looked at the phone in its cradle. The phone did not wake back up. When I hit the power button to look at the screen to see what happened, the alarm immediately went off. Why didn't the snooze work? It came on to give the initial alarm, but it wouldn't wake up the phone after I hit snooze. Is this an inherent problem with the calendar program on the 650? This appears to be an intermittant problem because I cannot recreate the error. It only seems to malfunction when I really need it to work (while I'm sleeping). I had a Samsung i330 running palmos 3.5 and had no problems ever with the snooze function. I'm assuming this is a software conflict. These are the 3rd party programs that I am running now:
1Touch Timer
Y! Messenger
Artillery Duel

Any help would be appreciated. It does not appear that other people are having this problem.