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    I have had the 650 for about 3 months. I have had some stability issues that seem to be getting worse.

    The latest problem is that incoming calls don't make it through to my 650 unless I happen to already be on another call. Calls that come into the 650 either go right to voice mail, or the caller hears a ring and then it goes to voice mail. I have gone so far as to do a hard reset, install nothing and then test the phone, but the same issue occurs.

    Any tips?

    I am ready to just go back to my BlackBerry 7290. It doesn't have the same functionality, but it just works.
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    Have you spoken with your wireless provider? Weird that it's still there after a hard reset if it was a setting on the Treo, impossible in fact to my knowledge. You didn't hotsync or anything? If it isn't a software issue on the Treo that leaves me with two assumptions; either it's something with the network or a hardware issue with the phone. After you talk to your provider I would request a replacement since it's under a year old. Are you GSM or CDMA?

    If you do go back to the BBerry can I have your Treo, I'll give it a good home, promise.
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    Who's your carrier? CDMA phones are apparently incapable of handling data and voice simultaneously. If you're on Sprint, and running something like Chatter mail or VeriChat which is keeping your data connection open, then incoming calls will go to voicemail. This would explain why you can receive calls if you're already on the phone, because then the voice channel is already open and data is forced inactive.

    This same situation has been reported on some, but not all, GSM carriers, too. My personal theory is that it does not happen if you're in an EDGE area.
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    I am with Cingular. This problem is new. it's strange. I have the phone sitting on my desk and it just doesn't ring. My boss was trying to reach me yesterday and just kept getting voicemail. I put my sim chip in another phone, and it received calls no problem. That makes me think it is not a Cingular problem. However, when I happen to be on one call, I can get incoming calls. That makes me think it is a phone problem.
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    Does your signal strength gauge indicate an active data connection (two green arrows), or inactive (black triangle)? If the former, humor me and manually disconnect from the network, then have your boss try again.
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    It varies. Sometimes I have the green arrows, sometimes it's black. How do I manually disconnect?

    Right now I am not using it because of the problem, but I can certainly give it a try.

    p.s. thank you for taking the time to reply.
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    Go into Network Preferences (within Preferences from your launcher), and tap Disconnect. While you're in there, you can also hit menu/R and select the "ask me before connecting" box to prevent it from automatically reconnecting.
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    I have the problem when I take the sim out of my blackberry and put it in the treo. If i take it and put it in a standard gsm phone(non blackberry), make a call, and put it in the treo it will be fine. I don't put my sim in the blackberry anymore and it's fine. I find with tmobile once it registers on the blackberry network it will not recive calls on my treo.
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    Now that is interesting because this started to happen only when I put my chip in the BlackBerry.

    Is there any way to make this problem go away?
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    I spent hours on the phone with tmobile tier 3 support and tried 3 sim chips until I finaly discovered the issue on my own. I was able to duplicate the issue 5 times by going from my blackberry to 650 to motorola v600. I have not put the sim into my blackberry and have had no problems. If you have to put it into your blackberry make sure you put it into another gsm phone and make a test call so it will register on that phone and unregister from the blackberry. I can go back and forth from 650 to motorola v600 no problems.

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    You know my boss said her Black Berry died due to low battery on a business trip and when she tried to reconnect back home after charging the battery it wouldn't get a signal. She had to take the battery out to get it to find a network. Another fellow here at work said that this was a known issue with the black berry devices that after they power down when they come back they are looking for the same tower they were connected to and will not hook up to another one. I didn't know this type of behavior could translate to the SIM card (and I don't know how much truth there is to what my co-worker said). Does the Black Berry have a radio off function? I wonder if that would cause it to "unregister" and allow it to switch devices.
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    Richard, you were absolutely right. WOW.

    Thank you.
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    I have noticed some unusual behavior recently on Cingular. Different SIMs, Different Treos.

    No Service - SOS Only shows where Cingular would normally show, but I have a full signal and can send/receive calls. Also noticed the problem with incoming calls - I will get a missed call message, but the phone never rang.

    Other than sunspots, I think Cingular is going thru the consolidation of the ATT/Cing assets and we are the recipients of software issues. Just a guess, but I have seen this type of issue before. We'll know if things suddenly get better.

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