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    I have chatter (installed on main memory) and Adobe PDF reader installed on my card. When i get an attachment in chatter email and try to open it i get a message that says "this file has no applications associated with it" ... or something like that. How do i associate pdf files to my pdf reader???

    Also, i tried saving the attachment to my card, but it does not show up when i open the pdf program seperately.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion?

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    i think that adobe only reads pdf that have been added thru the palm adobe reader that is installed on your desktop; it cannot read native pdfs without going thru the desktop conversion first.
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    Adobe Reader for the Palm OS can't read native PDF files. You must first download the file to your desktop computer, and convert the PDF file using the Adobe Desktop software to a version the Palm OS can read. What this means, of course, is that you can't receive a PDF file by e-mail and read it directly on your Palm using Adobe Reader. However...

    There's a thread over here that you may want to check out. Some people have installed a program called Picsel Viewer onto their Treo's and it seems to work as you were hoping. Good luck!

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    thanks, you guys are great.

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