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    anyone else suffering from this? its getting worse. problem is an issue as I often have the unit upside down when I pug in an earpiece or headphones.

    one solution I have found is to bend the pen slightly, but this is ridiculous.

    any ideas?
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    slight bend has been the preferred method.

    Another option is to line the inside of the stylus cavity with a small amount of tape.
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    Yes, me too. I think I need to buy a new one. Hey, Pa1mOne is making more money like this.
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    It would seem that Palm is aware of the problem as newer versions of the Treo 650 have a small little rubber piece inside the case where the stylus is. My original Sprint 650 didn't have the problem but my refurb does. I use the bend method as well.
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    same prob here, what a misconstruction!!!

    I put a paper under the battery cover ... is ok no, but come on, fixing a flying stylus with a piece of paper?
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    Bought my Sprint Treo 650 in Jan 2005, neither the original stylus nor the P1 pen/stylus have ever fallen out.
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    Yeah, I have the problem with my Cingular BLUE Treo650 bought from PalmOne. It was getting worse and worse all the time but then I happened to stop in a Cingular store and they had a 3 pack or replacement styli (with the black end) that also have a pen on other end. Anyway, I paid $19.99 for the 3 pack and while PalmOne should fix this problem for us, at least this works for me. I do think that over time even these new styli will become looser, but then again I got 3, so I should be good until the next version of the Treo comes out
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    Put some clear nail polish on the outside of the stylus.
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    There are also different size stylus's coming from PalmOne. I have had a few refurbs and noticed that one stylus will slip out, and if I replace it with another, it does not slip out. It seems to me that the ones shipped with the more recent refurbs have been smaller (skinnier).

    I also bought a three pack of the replacement stylus from PalmOne (the ones with the pen in the tip), and they seem to be of the thicker type and don't slide out.
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    There are some great ideas in this thread.
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    i put a small piece of electrical tape on my stylus, right under the form-fitting section of it. put a small strip (not all the way around the stylus) on the back of it where the small rubber grip inside the treo makes contact. this will make the stylus more snug inside its cavity and prevent it from moving.

    I know this sounds real confusing, but it works quite well and if anyone is interested, i could post a pic to show you what i mean.
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