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    None of the my logins are working on Verichat tonight. It just says it's in the process of connecting. Anybody else having problems? This is the first time I used it since converting to the 1.23FW so I don't know what the problem is...
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    Not today, but I've been having problems in the past week. I was told it was either a problem with their server or my carrier. I wasl like WTF, that doesn't help.

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    Who do you have? I have T-Mobile. But it's weird though...I'm posting from Blazer so I know my data connection is good.
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    i use verizon and it seems to work. but if i stay logged in and leave the phone in standby mode for a long time... i seem to get disconnected from my MSN. Does anyone know how to fix this? I want to be able to stay logged in all day long. Thanks.

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