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    Well this program is tooo effective. I ran Remote Lock via a sms text message to lock the phone. It locked the phone and I am able to unlock the phone but now everytime I power the phone off; I have to enter the password to unlock the phone. This even happens after I deleted Remote Lock and also my settings in security are never lock.

    Called Palm Support and that had me go to knowledge base ID 887 and do a hard hard reset. (plug in sync cable, hold power button on with holding up navigational button and then with you mouth use the reset button with the battery cover removed. It is supposed to reformat the memory. My phone goes blank for 30 seconds and then the phone boots into normal mode and the phone lock is still in place. Hopefully Shadowmite looks at this posting. The developer is a little surprised by this happening. It is a program that you should treat with respect!! I thought about it before I did it and I am sorry that I did. Now each time my phone powers off; I have to enter the password in order to be able to use the phone!
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    If you go to the security app, and look at "autolock handheld", is it set to "Never" (which sounds like what you want), or "On Power Off" (which you do not want).

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