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    I have the Sprint T650 and have taken some movies of my kids that I would like to share with the grandparents. When I tried to mail them from the camera/video app, I got a Sprint message requesting an additional $5/mos for video email! Is there a way to send these videos as email attachments from my desktop PC? Thanks for the help.
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    You can save them from the Palm Desktop, however, they are in .3g2 format, so they only way they can play them is if you go through a huge hassle of converting them to .avi or if they have quicktime.
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    You can also do it this way (when remote) --

    In the camera/video app:
    -Go to the Media menu and select Send option
    -Select the picture(s) or video you want to send.
    -Select Send at bottom of screen. This will then ask you to identify how you want to send. Select Versamail...
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    Thank you AJG. To view the .3g2 format it was necessary to download the latest version of Quicktime or Real Player. Now I just need a weekend to explain over the phone to our parents how to do that.
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    Quick question.

    I'm one of those grandfathered in $10/month Vision folks. I was told that Video mail should all be covered under this plan. The only thing I don't get are the $5/$10 of credit per month to buy all those ringers and wallpapers and stuff. But, when I try to send a Video mail, I got that same message about signing up for the Video mail feature. Any idea what I need to do to make that go away?


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