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    Hey everyone,

    I've been browsing this forum for a little while, I found it after I purchased my Treo 300. The visor broke off through normal use, and Sprint promptly replaced it with a refurbished Treo 600 (it was a pretty good deal ). So, after getting situated on it, I've downloaded Ptunes and now am in need of an SD card to store mp3's, etc. on it. My father purchased a Treo 650 and Palmone sent him a 128mb SD card (everyone knows that story), he's not using it, so he said I could. But, a small instruction paper came with the 600 saying not to use any cards without a notch on either side etc. This particular card has only one notch, on the right side, but seems to fit all the other requirements. So, anyone follow that? Is it ok to use this card with my Treo 600? The instruction card said it could break the phone, so I don't want to risk something by testing it. Ideas?
    I have a picture of the card/paper, but didn't know how to post it. Also, anyone know if the 600 can handle playing gameboy advance games with an emulator? Or just color games?
    Thanks a lot.

    -C. Lucas
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    Yes, the card provided by Palmone will work just fine.
    Treo Moblog:
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    So it's ok even though it doesn't fit the specified requirements?
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    Went ahead and tried it, works great. Having an extra 128mb sure is handy. Thanks speedy. Problem solved.

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