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    I donít post much on here as I'm one of the few people very happy with my 650. I was a 600 user before and loved it too.

    To the problem, I thought I ought to start keeping passwords stored in something other than notepad. So I installed a password saver program from PalmGear called Password Minder by Mazeware Software. Right after the sync it rebooted my treo and stuck on the PalmOne screen with a pop box saying, "thanks for trying our software" with a done button. The button is unclickable and the device it totally non-responsive even after several soft resets. I had Synced prior to install so I finally just did a hard reset. I told it to over write the handheld but to not install any programs. Apparently it didnt listen, I still get the same result, total lockage. How do I restore yet keep this program from trying to reinstall? Is there some sort of package install list I can remove it from? Please help.

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    Try a warm reset - press the "up" button on the 5-way and keep it depressed while you press the reset button. Release "up" when you see the "Palm" logo. A warm reset disables all the startup apps after the reset, allowing the Palm to boot up "app-less". That should allow you to delete the problematic program. Good luck!
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    Someone else probably has a better and less drastic solution, so take this with a grain of salt.

    Do the Hard re-set again -- but before you re-sync -- go into the BACKUP folder of your current user name and delete the offending program.

    Path to backup folders I believe is:

    Program Files/Palm/ user name/backup

    Telling the sync process that desktop over writes Palm is only good for the basic apps, I believe, and not for 3rd party added apps. You have to drive a stake thru their heart by removing them from the backup folder.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks gtwo. Was not aware I could control what was re-written to my device by deleting files in that backup directory. Much thanks!!! I'm back to normal, or as close as I ever get.
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    Great!! I love this forum.

    Cheers, Perry
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    TC needs a section dedicated to "Lock Ups & Resets". These are valuable info for noobs & others.

    Anyone know how to do this?

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