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    I've noticed after I installed a few new upgrades to my T650 (Snapper, Agendus, SplashWallet, etc.) and I toggle between apps using the 3 app buttons, the temp cousin of the ol' blue screen of death' appears for a few seconds, then goes away, then launches the app.

    I do have the Sprint T650 with the updater pre-installed, but I'm guessing this is a memory issue (or the NVFM) of some sort. Anyody else here observe this on your Treo650?

    P.S. When I first got my virgin T650, the cousin of the "Blue Screen of Death" wasn't even an issue, probably because I didn't yet synch and had no apps installed on it either!!
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    BSOD = Lame Windows crash.

    The temporary *white* screen you may see is the application being loaded into ram, perhaps off an SD card. There are existing topics on this.
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    Thanks! The app mentioned on the other thread (DBCache Tool) will be one of the last apps I will install!

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