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    My Verizon Treo 650 is en route (woo-hoo) and so I'm diligently researching the best push-email setup.

    My main email environment is using GoldMine (it's like ACT -- big contact tracking system) to pull directly from my ISP. GoldMine is great in that it files all incoming and outgoing emails alongside each contact, in its "history."

    I also configure my ISP to forward copies of all mail to gmail, and have used gmail filters to forward what basically becomes SMS alerts to my (soon-to-be-trashed) ATT Wireless Nokia 6800.

    I *think* from reading around that I'll want to forward my gmail to a service like /, that can then hook up with Chatter for zippy push delivery. Is this the case, or is there a better way? Seems from the thread above that folks use gmail's pop access to have Chatter do Scheduled Pulls, which produces some lag, no?

    I suppose I could also have my ISP forward directly to, but then I don't have gmail's fancy filtering to help guide what comes through to the phone.

    Finally, there's the always-present "what about the mail I send from the Treo" question. Can't imagine there'd be a way to get these showing up in my Sent folders on GoldMine, and filed under the To:'s contact-name, as if I'd sent it from my desk, eh?

    Sorry for all the newbie questions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    chatter is by far the most superior email app out there!
    You know - I'm not one to generally "gush" about email software, because as an email consultant I get pretty jaded about the fact that I think they are all pitiful <g>.

    That said, I'm willing to gush about Chatter! For years I've had up to 5 email clients at a time on my Treos (started with a 270 - well, I really started with MultiMail on a Palm Pilot Professional, but I'm trying to not date myself TOO much!). I have a huge spreadsheet that has rows of "must have features" and columns of products trying to find the "perfect" IMAP client for Palm. When Chatter first started as an IM product with a very "unique" IMAP implementation, I mostly dismissed it as "not going anywhere". But Marc has perservered and made Chatter simply amazing! Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I've BOUGHT so many email packages over the years waiting for something like Chatter, but in my line of business that's just one of the occupational hazards I guess.

    With IDLE not even being on my "must have" list (primarily because the mail server that I support the most doesn't use IDLE yet ), there are many must haves that Marc does absolutely best.

    1. Background processing. I'm an old MultiMail/VersaMail lover (prior to 2.7 that is <g>) and the idea of having an app pop up every X minutes to interrupt me to go get my mail is unthinkable.

    2. Auto-completion from contacts. I will admit that it was "hidden" a bit in the beta at least that I'm using, and I didn't think auto-complete would grab from the contacts, but after actually RTFM and poking around I found it. Other than MultiMail/VersaMail there isn't another program that does this as well as Chatter.

    3. Easy hotkeys for those of us who are keyboard bound.

    4. A WONDERFUL IMAP folder implementation. It is not required that you "define" your IMAP folders on the Palm before you can move items into them. This is particularly important for corporate users who often don't really want to keep the mail on the Palm that moves to folders, they just want a "one touch" method to read the mail and file it easily.

    5. The ability for multiple signatures via SMTP profiles.

    I could probably go on, but you get the picture I think!

    Some things I'd like to see that would make it just about perfect:

    1. Different sleep modes for weekdays/weekends.

    2. Moving to the "next" message after a deletion/move while reading mail.

    Anyway, since I do rant and rave about the limitations of so many Palm IMAP programs out there very often, I thought it was about time that I acknowledge a real winner here!

    Keep it up Marc - you've got my recommendation for my clients if that means anything <g>

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