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    I find the built in security lock to be very unreliable about locking the device. I am looking for something simple and reliableto lock it after a given amount of time. I don't need fancy encrption or anything like that.
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    What exactly is the problem?
    The built-in security preference panel will allow you to specify when it locks.
    I have mine configured to lock nightly at midnight.
    The "Owner" message pops up when it is locked and mine has details on how someone can return it to me, and how it is otherwise useless if stolen.
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    for me the built in prefs to lock the device only works if Bluetooth is disabled.

    Since I use Bluetooth my device never locks regardless of the prefs settings.
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    I don't really know what your need is, but it is always an option of cause to make suggestions which "maybe" fits your need.

    Is your main regard protecting your data? When? Always or when lost?

    To lock its data for access when lost - maybe mSafe is something for you?
    mSafe protects your data even if your Treo is lost or stolen. Even if an unauthorized person comes into possession of your device, it does not necessarily have to mean that he comes into possession of your data. Just send a special SMS message to your device from anywhere and keep your data protected from unauthorized use.
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    There is another product called Afaria Security Manager that does something very similar, but it lets you deploy a security policy thoughout your enterprise. Works the same on CE and Palm devices. For individual solutions it is very likely overkill.
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    I am finding the security feature is inconistent. It used to pop up and require the codeseveral times per day and never at the designated time. Now it hasn't prompted me in over 2 weeks.
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    Yeah, mSafe is incredibly good. I have it set to "booby trap" and lock if the SD card is removed. Also, set up the SMS remote locking. That way, if you leave it laying around somewhere, you can go to a browser and lock the phone.

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