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    I have FW 1.21 installed on my Unlocked GSM 650, and I've done a hard reset with the convoluted memory clear option.

    I'm seeing an issue of the Hotsync ID disappearing after a couple of days. Is this some sort of serious corruption that I should be worrying about? Is there a way to reset the hotsync ID without hotsyncing again?
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    I've had this happen to me twice in the six months I've had the phone, both times was after a crash/reboot. Check out ChangeName. Load it up, run it and write down your "UserName" and "UserID". Next time you lose your "HotSyncID" re-enter those two values and you should be okay.

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    Loss of hotsync id is probably caused by something corrupting the save preferences file. Have you installed any new software since your ROM upgrade? I'd start there, if so.
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    In my case I know it wasn't any new software. The first time it occurred I was in the middle of a road trip and hadn't done a sync in about a week when it crashed and I lost my HotSyncID.
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    Backup and restore your Saved Preferences.prc file. This is well covered all over. I personally copy this file to my SD card every so often so I can restore it in case it happens out somewhere, otherwise I could restore it from my computer. A SD card backup system like BackupBuddyVFS would also solve the problem.

    Although it bothers me that this is happening on 1.23, I thought it was an NVFS problem which should be fixed in 1.23. :-/

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