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    I have heard that the Treo 650 will not let you make or receive phone calls while it is getting an email download. Has anyone had a problem with that? My business uses a "push" email system via NotifyLink, so you can't really control when you get email downloads. Is there a hack around that?

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    Apparently this is the case with CDMA (Sprint, VZW), and with some GSM 650's. I suspect that the ability to do data and voice simultaneously requires EDGE service in your area. I've never had a problem with it around here.
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    It probably depends a little bit on your email program and your data service. I have sprint with chatter. If I make a call and an email hits my imap server, than I won't get it until I am off the call. As soon as I hang up, then Im almost instantly notified that I have a new email waiting to be read.
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    There's a fix for the 3.8 client of NotifyLink to disconnect the data session (not just let it go idle, but truly disconnect) - it will help A LOT...
    Also, there is a new OTA install of NotifyLink ( that has this function built in.

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