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    Does anyone know the status of the official update from Cingular? I have no interest in updating with a beta that is floating through the forums. It was mentioned that Cingular would release their update almost 2 weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything about an updated timeline? Anyone have a number or anything that could have more info, I would rather not call Cingular helpdesk as I could make a rep's head asplode.

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    People, please, use a question mark in your thread title if you're asking a question. The title used here suggests that you're providing information about the update, not requesting it.

    Hands up how many other people came here expecting to find an update and were disappointed.

    Oh, and to answer the question: nobody knows. Well, nobody outside of PalmOne, and they ain't telling.
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    my hand is up

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    argh. I was hoping too heh.

    oh well, the leaked v1.23 is working much better than the old official 1.04 so I'm happy to wait.
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    Well, maybe an admin can change my topic to have a question, because I can not. Until then I shall enjoy the flogging from all members due to my incompetence.
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    ah, I think we've all done this as a newb so fret not again, we're just bustin' yer ... chops
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    Hand Up!
    It was supposed to be released last week.........................
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    I concur - hand up !
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    I must be the odd man out... I wasn't fooled.
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    Flogging continues...grin...hand up
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    creighton, you are sooo much cooler than the rest of us
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    It's true I'm afraid... :-)

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