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    So I've seen some threads about how a few folks glued the eargels to their 660/662. Some used super glue. I'm not inclined to use something that "permanent". Anyone else try other types of adhesives?

    The purple eargel stays on pretty well when in use (many have pointed out the same thing), but when I put the 662+eargel in my pocket its a 50/50 chance the eargel gets yanked off when I take it out...
    With the purple gel you don't have to use super glue per se, but I did to ensure it wouldn't fall off. I don't think the other gels are as secure as the purple one, though, because they don't have the extra "flaps" that kid of grab onto the headset.

    I also have a windscreen I added to my 662 and to secure it I used glue from a glue stick. I shaved off a very thin layer, wrapped it around the tip of the headset (be careful not to cover the mic holes), put the windscreen on it and let it dry. I don't know if this will work with an eargel, but if it doesn't, the glue will come off with no problem and will not leave any marks or damage on either the headset or the gel.
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    Thank you for the tip Patord!

    Quote Originally Posted by patord
    Because the 662 earloop is fairly rigid compared to something like the logitech mobile freedom, I can pretty much say you would get annoyed by it after wearing it for a short period of time. I know I did with my glasses.

    Do yourself a favor and skim through this thread and other 662 threads about removing the earloop and using the Jabra eargels before you commit to buying it.

    For headsets that I have to use an earloop... the logitech is the only thing I can tolerate when I have to wear spectacles. And I've gone through many BT headsets.
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