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    Anyone using Paint 6 by Mobi-Systems? This is a picture manipulation program (cropping, exposure, resizing, emailing). I just bought this at CompUSA for $14.99 (CD version). It takes up a huge amount of space of 1800 Kb on my Treo 650. The huge size is a consideration for me, because I'm now down to only 5 Mb left on my handheld.

    Previously, I was happy with a simpler picture application called AcidImage, which I use to resize/reduce image file sizes for easier/faster emailing. But this Paint 6 program is able to do a lot more.

    Even though I copy the Paint 6 program to my SD card, and delete from my handheld, the program keeps reappearing back onto the internal RAM everytime I boot up the program. I wish I could figure out a way of permanently deleting the program from the handheld, and only operating it from the SD card.

    By the way, this same problem also occurs with PTune (Pocket Tunes). I can never permanently delete PTunes from the handheld to only have on the SD card. PTunes keeps reappearing back onto my internal memory everytime I boot up the program from the SD card.

    Anyway, any satisfied Paint 6 users out there? Why do you like this program?

    PS: Tech support emailed me to inform me of a newer updated version of 6.40. My CD version from the store was version 6.30. The new update is free for registered users. I will check out the new update tonight.

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    I use v6.4 and really like it. I use it to kill time and my daughter makes pictures with it and stuff. I also use it to view .bmp images.

    I moved the main .prc to a folder "mobisys" on my sd card and use zlauncher to open the program. If you don't use a launcher I think that it will always be brought back to ram.
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    Hi Deanfx,

    Ahhh, yes...that might be the answer to use something like zlauncher. I've read a lot about zlauncher, and can't decide to get this or not. But if this is the only way to permanently move an application to the SD card, then I'm all for it.

    Is zlauncher a stable application for you? I've read pros and cons about it. Also, isn't zlauncher a huuuuge program? Palmgear says the zip file size is 3679 kb. Can you store zlauncher onto your SD card only and run it from there? Or must zlauncher only be used within the internal RAM? Are you using version 5.20?

    Thanks, Casey.
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    I use zlauncher 5.2 and love it. When I get bored with my phone I just change the theme or background color. I think it takes up about 2.5megs. The reason the zip is so big is because of the included themes, icons, backgrounds and manuals.

    Yes you have to run zlauncher or any launcher from ram, it will not work from a card. But I have moved All of my games and a couple other apps to my sd card and placed shortcuts on my home screen using zlauncher and saved alot more space than zlauncher takes up.

    You might also want to look into LauncherX. I have heard good stuff about that launcher also, but I do prefer zl. If you do go with a launcher, it will take you a few days to get everything the way you want it..or it did me anyway.
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    Thanks for your helpful reply. I will consider zlauncher. At some point in time, I will need to tell myself NO more adding of programs! But that would be like a drunk saying no more drinks...again! Yes, I'm a Palm least I got past the denial stage! :-)))

    Whoooa! Wait a minute! I just checked out Launcher X after you mentioned it, and I got excited about this for a few reasons. 1) Only 340kb in size! 2) SnapperMail compatibility which I use! 3) Also can move apps to SD card

    This is just killing remainder space is getting smaller every week. I only have 5MB remaining after I installed Paint installing a huge program like zlauncher would probably make my Treo choke.

    I need to figure out what to do now.
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    After our little chat the other day, I ended up getting LauncherX. Works well! I was able to store over 4MB of applications onto the SD card, including Paint 6 and Pocket Tunes.

    The best part is that these apps don't reappear again in the main memory when booting up, which was the problem I had previously before installing LauncherX.

    Thanks for the tip earlier! I now have a little over 9MB free again!
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    Cool! I might try launcherx some day.
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    you might also give powerrun a shot. It retains the palm launcher - I personally prefer the minimalist palm look and feel (and operation!). powerrun shows you what's loaded internally and what's loaded on the card, and lets you move or delete.

    Apps that are moved to the card remain in the palm launcher, but have an asterisk added to the app name. I think it also drops the app into 'unfiled' catagory.

    When you launch an app, it copies into internal memory, and when it exits, moves it back. However, if a reset occurs while you're running the app, it gets left behind in internal memory, and you have to clean up after it.

    Note that some apps dont like living on the card, especially if they have alerts set or are otherwise launched outside of the launcher (snapper or express autofetch, docs to go or handzipper launched from blazer or snapper). Still, I have about 12m free and 90% of my apps on the sd card.


    A lot of people swear by zlauncher, but for some of us it's overkill and **** ugly, too. Like I said, I prefer the simplicity and no-frills of palm's launcher. Besides, the dozen or so apps that I routinely use I have set up as favorites on my 600, so they're just a few 5-way nav clicks away.
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    That's amazing you have 90% of your apps on your SD card. Scary too! What if by off chance you lose your SD card? This comes to my mind, which is why critical apps stay in my internal memory. I'm sure you're already aware of this.

    My LauncherX will indicate an app is on the card by showing a tiny blue memory card icon at the bottom left corner of the application.

    By the way, something annoying I've noticed is when copying an app back and forth from the SD card to the internal memory, the application's registration information (eg: password) gets removed, and I have to re-enter the password again. This happened with my Pocket Tunes, MLights, MVoice. I find this very annoying! Does this happen to others too?

    Just today, I completely deleted Beyond Contacts, which I never use. Boy was this a memory hog! It took up over 1 MB of space!! Now I have a little over 10 MB free again on my internal memory. Hooray!

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