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    Periodically, and I'm talking every few days, I will pick up my phone and see that I am being prompted to create an account in VersaMail and that my Exchange ActiveSync account has been deleted, requiring it to be completely recreated and re-synced. There's no data loss or anything, but it does seem to happen at all the worst times.

    It seems to happen when:
    - I change locations, i.e. driving to another city or landing in another city.
    - When my battery gets very low.
    - Other times without rhyme or reason.

    I've noticed some improvement if I set the account to only sync the last 3 days of messags instead of the last week, but it still happens. I've done all the usual fixes like deleting the cache files, soft resets, etc.

    Is this happening to anyone else? Any ideas?

    Thanx in advance.
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    Two thoughts:

    First, deleting the cache files also removes all your settings, so you would have to recreate your settings, so it's not clear from your post to me which is happening first.

    Second, I found that when I backup Versamail with my computer, occasionally the two get out of synch and it creates a new account which is not configured. I've set the Versamail condiut to do nothing and that seems to help since all of my email comes from ActiveSync, not my hotsync.
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    Yes, I understand that you have to re-enter everything if you delete all those files to address the constant reset problem.

    I'm talking about a different, though I'm sure related, problem -- that I don't do anything and it deletes the account completely by itself.

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