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    I am on my second Treo 650 and love it. The only challenge I'm having is connecting to my Motorola HS810 Bluetooth headset. I successfully complete the device setup and the Treo actually finds and registers the headset, but once I activate the headset and connect to the Treo, the sound/function is never actually transferred to the headset.

    Anybody have any ideas?


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    Try resetting the treo? Pair the devices, 0000 = password, should work..
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    [ Treo 650 on Sprint ]
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    Sorry, this is my first PDA...I'm not yet an aficianado.

    I have turned the system on and off several times and even disconnected the battery to no avail. The strange part is the process seems to work just fine and I receive the "now you can use device" message...the headset light flashes several times but nothing happens.

    I've tested the headset with other phones and it works well.

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