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    I recently had my computer at work updated to Windows 2000. I stopped by Handspring's web site tonight to get the new Win2K software. I quickly discovered that unlike the Mac updaters I had to supply a serial number (How lame!?!?! Like I would be downloading the drivers for a device I DIDN'T own?). So I popped the lid off the battery compartment as I was instructed and entered the number I found there... again and again and again. It seems that the link is either broken, someone can't write a decent web page, their database is trashed or I can't read.

    If someone out there has a copy of the Win2K drivers or has a link to them that DOESN'T require an enormous amount of energy wasted on entering a meaningless number, would you please send them along to me?

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    Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped?
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    Thanks for the link, but I still need the Win2K drivers to make this work.
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    OK. If like I tell my students you READ the ENTIRE assignment, you may learn something. My only excuse is that it is late and all I have to look forward to tomorrow is a 3 hour meeting.

    At least if I can sync tomorrow morning before the meeting I can load the new levels of NetWalk first.

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    Hey, ccolber, this is not a problem. I believe that I ran into the same thing. It asks for the serial number but it does not need it. Just continue on as if you had put something in the form.
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    I had that problem also. Don't e-mail me if you don't want it as an attachement .

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